The benefits of using a kitchen designer

One of the primary reasons a homeowner should use a professional kitchen designer is to translate your vision and dream into reality and at the same time design the kitchen to maximize the use of space in terms of aesthetics, function, and style. Our designers hear it all the time, “I never even knew we had that option” or “I would have never thought of that”.

A kitchen designer will help you avoid costly mistakes by ordering the wrong cabinets or trim, a very common mistake people make is measuring for corners cabinets especially blind corner cabinets.

Building or renovating a kitchen and bath is one of the most important and costly investments you will make in your home. Not only does it involve careful planning, but also extensive research and building knowledge. A knowledgeable kitchen designer will be able to walk you through the process to make is as simple as possible and make you comfortable with the layout and design before making such a large purchase.

At RTA Wood Cabinets, we offer free kitchen design, please print out this measurement guide and send it back to us and one of our experienced kitchen designers will design the kitchen of your dreams, you can also send us your own design we can look over to make sure you are maximizing your space and tweak it if necessary. You can reach us at,  800-788-7575 or via email at

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Free Kitchen Design