What are my Kitchen Sink Options?

Are you redoing your kitchen cabinets and trying to decide what sink is right for your kitchen design, here are the most common and popular options available.

Top Mount Sink  - The most commonly used kitchen sink, the top-mount sink is designed to be installed on top of a laminate countertop. It has a rim that overlaps the countertop and includes clips for fastening beneath it.  Top-mount sinks are popular because they are economical, easy to install, and there are many sizes and varieties to choose from. A common concern with the top-mount sink is the edge of the rim which needs to be sealed properly to keep water and bacteria from collecting in the crevices to ensure a sanitary area.

Under-Mount Sink - Most commonly installed beneath natural stone countertops, the under-mount sink is known for its sleek modern look and rimless edge. The support and braces are located beneath the stone, allowing for an unobstructed clean wipe - right off the countertop into the sink. Generally, the under-mount sink can be installed by the stone fabricator as part of the template and install process, but a seasoned Do-It-Yourselfer can accomplish the task. One concern with the undermount sink is that water and bacteria can splash up and trap into the crevices between the sink and stone. Use of the right materials, such as an epoxy adhesive and silicone caulking are essential for proper installation.

Farmhouse Sink - A farmhouse sink is categorized as a rectangular basin that is integrated with a backsplash. A farmhouse sink is made of porcelain or fireclay. It is finished on all four sides and usually paired with a natural stone countertop for a modern country look. The farmhouse sink is larger and deeper than most stainless steel top-mount or under-mount sinks on the market today.  The gentle curved front is not only stylish, but also designed for the user to stand comfortably in front of the basin while washing over-sized items such as large pots or baking sheets with ease.

Apron Sink - Similar in appearance and shape, but not to be mistaken with the farmhouse sink, an apron sink has a front panel that can be made from a variety of materials such as stainless steel, or quartz for a more contemporary appearance. This difference is also apparent in that the apron sink is finished on only the front and not all four sides.

A good kitchen designer can direct you to what sink will go with your kitchen, need design help please reach out to one of our design specialists for a Free Kitchen design at 800-788-7575 or email us at


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