What are RTA Cabinets?

RTA Cabinets stands for Ready To Assemble, also called unassembled cabinets, Knocked down cabinets or KD for knocked down. The cabinets are shipped to the homeowner or contractor in flat packed boxes. Each box includes all the pieces necessary for that cabinet including, sides, top , bottom, doors, hinges, glides, drawer boxes etc. all the pieces are pre-drilled and ready to be assembled. The assembly process is straightforward and usually takes between 10-20 minutes per cabinet depending on the size. It goes a lot quicker when two people assemble them together. Once assembled they are ready to be hung on the wall by you or your contractor.

The biggest advantage of getting the cabinets RTA is the cost savings. You can select  quality RTA Cabinets and save versus getting the same quality assembled. You will save on the actual cost of the cabinet and on the shipping. Another advantage to go with unassembled cabinets over assembled cabinets is the chance of damage is lower when shipping the cabinets unassembled and in the event, there is damage a replacement part can be shipped out sooner.

Until about 10 years I would never have dreamed of buying a kitchen online unassembled but after seeing numerous friends get beautiful kitchens online unassembled my view totally changed. At you will get a high-end cabinet at a discounted price. We offer the cabinets assembled as well and you will still save but there will be a greater savings with RTA. Our customers always tell us that when friends see their kitchen they are always shocked on how little it cost.

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