What are the standard sizes of kitchen cabinets and appliances?

In order to create a functional and pleasing kitchen design you may want to get an idea of the standard dimensions of kitchen cabinets and appliances before you start your kitchen remodel. It will make it easier when designing your new kitchen or purchasing new appliances.

Base Cabinets

The standard depth for a base cabinet is 24" without the door/drawer and hardware, the doors/drawers are usually 3/4" thick with a little space between the door and frame and the knob or pull can be as deep as 1 1/2", making you total depth between 25" - 26 1/2". The  width of the cabinets start at 9" and go up in 3" increments. The standard height is 34 1/2" before your top, tops are usually 1 1/2" think making your total height 36". The majority of dishwashers and free standing ovens are designed to work with these measurements. Good quality kitchen cabinets will usually have a box that's 1/2" thick.

Wall Cabinets

The standard wall cabinet depth is 12", with the exception of cabinet over the refrigerator which can be 24" deep and microwave shelves which are usually 18" deep, the widths are similar to the base cabinets, start at 9" and go up in 3" increments, standard heights are 30"H, 36"H and 42"H, in addition there are cabinets that are 12"H, 15"H, 18"H and 24"H for over the refrigerator and ranges for above a hood or microwave. Wall cabinets can be pulled away from the wall to give you a staggered look.

Pantry and Oven Cabinets

Pantry cabinets come in widths of 18", 24" and 30" with heights of 84"H, 90"H and 96"H,  the depths are 24" like the base cabinets, Oven cabinets are 33"W, 24"Deep and come in heights of 84", 90" and 96". they come with a cutout for a single oven and can be modified to hold a double oven or micro oven.


When it comes to appliances there are standard sizes but there are always exceptions, standard dishwasher is 24"W, although you can find them in 18"W but are usually more expensive. Stoves are usually 30"W, you can get them in 36"W and even as large as 48"W. the standard full size refrigerator is 36"W and around 70"H, they make them in 33"W, 30"W and even smaller if you are working with a very small space.

Of course, all kitchen cabinets and appliances dimensions can vary but these are the standard measurements, so you may need to be more specific if you’re working with limited space. Once you have your measurements contact a good kitchen designer who will have the expertise and design skills to advise you about what will fit in your kitchen and what won’t. At RTA Wood Cabinets we offer Free Kitchen design, call us at 800-788-7575 to speak to one of our designers or email us at, click here to print out a measurement guide.

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