What is a 10x10 Kitchen Design?

10x10 kitchen picture

10x10 kitchen design

A lot of online kitchen cabinet companies show pricing for 10x10 kitchens.

Do Kitchens come as a set that you have to make fit in to your space?

What cabinets are included in a 10x10 kitchen layout?

The answer is that you technically can buy a 10x10 kitchen but that usually wont work for your space even if you have a 10x10 space. The reason companies use the 10x10 kitchen is to show you the price points of each cabinet line using a specific layout.

Each company can include different cabinets in the 10x10 layout they are using, you can sometimes find on amazon companies selling 10x10 kitchens as a package but be careful before you order because it usually wont work for your specific kitchen. You might have a window in another locations, plumbing, gas lines, water lines, all of those details will make a difference to how your kitchen should be designed.

At we always recommend you sending us your kitchen measurements or cabinet design so we can make sure the kitchen layout will work and that you have all the correct cabinets, trim and molding included.

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