High Quality Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Solid wood cabinets are made from very strong durable material making sure your kitchen cabinets will last for many years, you can see below what the advantages of using solid wood over particle board for all furniture especially kitchen cabinets.

Advantages of wood kitchen cabinets

Strength and durability
Wood furniture is extremely resilient and requires very little maintenance. Wood is a long-lasting natural material that can stand constant abuse, whether it's spills in the kitchen or scratches in the dining room. Solid wood furniture can last for generations with minimum care.

Although you might pay more to begin with for a solid wood cabinet, wood is more valuable than other material used in furniture manufacturing. Wood’s natural grain guarantees that each piece of furniture is unique. The initial cost of wood furniture may be higher than lower end materials, but you will reap the benefits for years to come.


Particle board advantages and disadvantages
Particle Boards are a relatively new type of engineered wood product that are made from gluing together small chips, saw-dust and firmly pressing them together to make boards or sheets. With particle board furniture becoming more commonly available in the market it is useful to know how it compares with other types of engineered woods such as plywood and with solid wood. Particle board furniture is quite weak compared to other kinds of engineered woods such as plywood. It is less dense and can easily get damaged while handling. Particle boards are also prone to getting damaged because of moisture and humidity. This means that kitchen cabinets made from these boards will not last very long. This is without doubt the major drawback of particle board furniture.
The main advantage is price, but over time it wont be a savings.

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