How to measure


Please use this kitchen cabinets measurement guide to mark down your dimensions (graph paper and measurements chart provided)

  • Measure in inches to provide the most accurate measurements.
  • Make a rough drawing of the shape of the room showing any walls, doors, windows, protrusions or recessed areas.
  • Measure each wall section and record the dimensions on the drawing. (A wall section is from one corner to a doorway or window.)
  • Measure the walls fom corner to corner.
  • Measure the walls from floor to ceiling, if there are any soffits (any part of the ceiling that is lower) please include the location, height and depth of it.
  • Measure the door or opening from edge to edge including any frame or trim.
  • Measure doors and openings from the top of the opening to the ceiling.
  • Measure the position of any doors or openings from the corners of the room.
  • Measure the height and width of the windows including the surrounding frame or trim.
  • Measure the windows from the floor to the bottom of the frame.
  • Measure the windows from the top of the frame to the ceiling.
  • Measure the position of the window from the corner of the room.
  • Mark the location of the sink, water and gas line.
  • Mark the locations of where the appliances will go. Record the dimensions of each appliance - height, width, and depth.
  • Once you have completed the measurements take an overall measurement of each wall from corner to corner. This measurement should equal to the individual measurements taken.