Is it time to replace your kitchen cabinets?

We tend to notice when parts of our kitchen need replacing. Appliances break, fixtures go out of style, the cabinet color or door style is old or the layout simply isn’t functional any longer. But in all of this, when do you need to replace your cabinets? While kitchen cabinets don't have a definitive shelf life, they should be replaced over time to retain the value of your kitchen. There are a few signs that it’s time to consider newer, affordable kitchen cabinets:

  • You don’t have enough storage space. If you have a reasonable amount of kitchen utensils and wear, you should be able to easily fit them into your cabinets. However, if you find yourself consistently re-arranging plates after washing the dishes, it may be time for a change. New cabinetry can not only give you more space, but it can also give you efficient options, such as pantries, built in spice racks or Lazy Susan’s.
  • The doors are looking dirty. You’ve cleaned, and cleaned your cabinets but they still look dirty! Put down the cleaner and start looking at cabinets. This occurs with lots of wear and tear over time, so it’s time to just get a new set of cabinets.
  • There are broken parts. This is a no brainer, but if your doors are broken and drawers aren’t opening and closing as well, it’s time to get them replaced. While you can repair some of these problems, sometimes it’s better in the long run to just replace them. Especially if they consistently have problems.

Take a look at your kitchen cabinets and see if it’s time for a replacement. If you aren’t sure of how old your cabinets are, or are just curious about new styles, talk to one of our kitchen experts here at They can help you determine if it’s time to change your cabinets and even show you affordable kitchen cabinets to replace them with. Visit today for more or call us at 800-788-7575.