5 Unexpected Spots to Place the Microwave in Your Kitchen Design


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A microwave is pretty much a given in today’s kitchens. But that doesn’t mean it needs to be located right over your range or in the corner of your countertop as you may have assumed.

In fact, keeping your countertops clear and clutter-free is often a goal of contemporary kitchen design. To that end, the latest kitchen trends often feature custom paneling or a fully integrated appliance set up to provide a sleeker style.

In order to embrace a minimalist design and keep your kitchen looking more spacious, here are 5 unexpected places you might want to install your microwave:


1. Your Coffee or Beverage Bar

One popular trend in contemporary kitchen design is a coffee or beverage bar. If your morning routine involves coffee, espresso, or tea, you can enhance your daily habit by creating a designated area with your favorite mugs, tools, condiments, and accessories.

Best of all, this beverage bar could also be the perfect spot to “hide” a microwave. You could place it inside a base cabinet, stacked on an open shelf, or even out of sight behind a cabinet door.  It will even add to the convenience if you need to quickly heat up your favorite drink!


2. Your Kitchen Island RTA Wood Cabinet

Many kitchen islands today are designed to hold your microwave below the countertop. This built-in solution allows you to maintain clear sight lines across your kitchen while still keeping your microwave handy and within reach.

If your current island isn’t built to accommodate a microwave, you might consider modifying one of the drawer cabinets so that your microwave will fit. Be sure you have your electrical wiring set up for your particular appliance. 


3. Your Pantry

If you only use a microwave on the rare occasions that you need a quick heat solution, you might consider keeping your microwave in a space that is accessible but outside of your kitchen proper. If you have a walk-in pantry, this could be the perfect place for your microwave!

A pantry is meant to provide you with extra storage for your kitchen tools, so it could be the right home for your microwave. It might even be the easiest location if, say, you store your microwave popcorn right alongside it. 


4. Your Oven Wall Stack RTA Wood Cabinets

Homeowners who love to cook often find they need multiple ovens to accommodate all of their meal prep. This means you might have a large primary oven under your range plus an additional oven in a built-in unit in one of your kitchen walls.

While a secondary oven is usually part of a stack that includes cabinets, drawers, and/or open shelves, this stack might also be the ideal location to place your microwave, perhaps even directly above the oven. You’ll even get the added convenience of your secondary heating units being located right next to each other.


5. Your Appliance Garage

Many luxurious kitchens today feature an appliance garage, a cabinetry solution that tucks your common countertop appliances out of sight.

While the appliance garage might be where you store your toaster, blender, or coffee maker, it could also be the spot for a small microwave. You’ll get all the benefits of keeping your microwave on the countertop while still achieving that beautiful clean, decluttered look.

Which of these microwave location options is your favorite? Does it help with your kitchen renovation plans? If you’re feeling stuck coming up with a different (but logical!) layout for your kitchen remodel, our designers here at RTA Wood Cabinets can help by providing you with a FREE kitchen design layout. 

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